Can the bean sprouts lose weight when they eat it?

Eat bean sprouts can lose weight?

Eating bean sprouts is helpful for weight loss, because the bean seedlings have low calorie and rich nutritional value, plus the bean sprouts have certain The effect of eliminating edema, so it is very helpful to eat more pea sprouts during weight loss.

Pea seedlings are tender shoots of legume peas. The edible parts of pea seedlings are young shoots and young leaves, which contain a variety of essential amino acids and are rich in nutrients. The taste is fragrant, smooth and palatable. Moreover, pea seedlings contain B vitamins, calcium, carotene and vitamin C, which have the effects of diuresis, swelling, pain relief, diarrhea, and digestion. Therefore, eating pea sprouts helps to lose weight, but it is not suitable for eating as a staple food. To achieve the purpose of weight loss, a reasonable diet is very important, coupled with appropriate exercise, I believe that can achieve the goal.

It is worth mentioning that the vitamin C contained in the bean sprouts. Vitamin C is found in the young leaves of pea pods and pea seedlings, which can decompose nitrosamines and have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Peas are different from ordinary vegetables in that they contain anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and metabolic enhancement substances such as abietic acid, gibberellin and phytohemagglutinin. In the Netherlands, beans and pea sprouts contain rich dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation and have a bowel effect.

Bean sprouts will rebound if they lose weight

It is very easy to rebound by eating pea sprouts, so it should also be combined with the way to lose weight.

Pea seedlings have low calories and contain dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, and pea seedlings are rich in vitamins and trace elements, as well as a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, so even if it is weight loss, it can provide human body. Nutrition, and low calories do not have to worry about getting fat, fat content is also very low, so pea seedlings are a better diet food.

The study found that 41% of people who insisted on dieting and losing weight for a long time would rebound! It is really difficult to change eating habits. Even if you lose weight successfully, the law of diminishing diet will also play a role. When you stick to a low-calorie diet, your body will adjust your metabolism to make it harder and harder to lose weight. Your body will become very efficient, so you want to continue to lose weight and say that you want to eat more and less, and it is getting harder and harder to insist on it. The phenomenon of weight loss rebound is very common, but the rebound of dieting is the mostCommonly, because when dieting to lose weight, people will always feel the lack of calories, not enough, of course, if you lose weight, this time you put yourself light, not so dieting, the human body suddenly If you accept the excess calories, you will gain weight again. This is the reason for the rebound after the diet.

How to lose weight to avoid rebound

1. Improve metabolism

If a person's basal metabolism When the rate is increased, the amount of calories he consumes per day will increase, and the body will not accumulate too much heat to form fat, which naturally will slim down. So how to improve the basal metabolic rate? The basal metabolic rate is closely related to the muscle mass of the body. When the proportion of muscles in the body is higher, the basal metabolic rate is higher. Therefore, to improve the basal metabolic rate, we must adhere to exercise on the premise of ensuring dietary patterns. Exercise muscles and increase muscle mass through a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training.

2.Diet and diet should be regular

Diet Irregular effects on digestion can affect metabolism, often staying up late, lack of rest, and body metabolism will also be affected. Therefore, diet, not overeating, not over-diet, normal three meals a day, control intake of calories is not excessive; ensure adequate sleep, stay up late, do simple massage before going to bed to improve sleep quality can improve the body's metabolism.

3. Buy small packages of food

Studies have shown that if we buy large packaged foods, we can eat up to 44%. Compared to small, single-packaged foods, large-packaged foods greatly increase the chances of eating more than one serving at a time. So try to choose small packages of food.

4.Reducing hunger before meals

To prevent excessive eating during meals, you can eat small snacks, such as a piece of hard cheese, an apple or low-sugar cheese, about an hour before meals. This will help reduce hunger and prevent a hearty mealEat too much at the table.

5. Plan three meals

Plan your three meals in advance, and there is an indicator that can be easily controlled. The daily eating time should be strictly planned. Although you don't need to diet after successful weight loss, you should not eat in unnecessary time if you want to maintain your weight. For example, a small amount per day, a proper meal, and avoiding eating for 5 hours before going to bed, the body's calorie consumption during sleep time is very low, which can easily lead to fat accumulation.

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