frozen tofu diet recipe

Frozen tofu can lose weight

Eating frozen tofu can help lose weight.

Frozen tofu is a kind of soy product that has been frozen. The frozen tofu has a low calorie content, so it is very suitable for eating during weight loss. After being frozen, tofu can produce an acidic substance. This kind of acidic substance can destroy the body's fat. If you can eat frozen tofu regularly, it is good for fat excretion, so that the accumulated fat in the body is continuously reduced, and the purpose of weight loss is achieved. Frozen tofu has many characteristics such as more pores, rich nutrition and less calories, and will not cause obvious hunger.

In addition to low calorie, low fat, frozen tofu also has a high nutritional value, and can also help the body to scrape oil, is a good diet for many people do not know. Fresh tofu, after freezing, changes the nutritional composition. In the process of freezing, vitamins, proteins, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements are destroyed very little. Some nutrients are transformed very well for the body, forming a food that is very beneficial for weight loss - frozen tofu. The rich soy protein and linoleic acid can effectively lower cholesterol. Frozen tofu can help excrete fat in the stomach. After freezing, the frozen tofu will show a lot of voids, plus the acidic substances contained in it. So frozen tofu can absorb too much oil in the stomach, so that Excreted from the body. Frozen tofu is a crude fiber food that is very beneficial for intestinal detoxification and prevention of constipation.

Frozen tofu diet recipe

Japanese frozen tofu salad

1, drain the tofu, cut into small pieces. Cut the small cucumber into small pieces, cut the cherry vines half

2, sesame paste practice: first put the white sesame seeds into the pan, heat it with low heat for a few minutes (without adding oil), until the white sesame has aroma, away Fire, stay cool

3, then sesame seeds into a blender and break them, then mix well with other sauce ingredients

4, mix all the ingredients, topped with sesame sauce Serve

fruit tofu

1, prepare tofu 250g, cantaloupe 100g, salt 6g, pepper 2g, chicken essence 6g, broth 1000g, wet starch 30g [ 123]

2, cantaloupe peeled, diced. Tofu diced, flying water spare


3, broth pot boilingAdd the tofu, add salt, chicken, pepper, thicken, add the cantaloupe to cook a little


sauerkraut frozen tofu


1, cut the frozen tofu into 2 cm square The block is simmered in the boiling water pot and rinsed with cold water. The mushrooms and pine mushrooms are separately sent to the original soup. Wash the sand.


2, fans with soft water soaked, cut into 20 cm long section, sauerkraut to the outer layer of old help, piece by piece into a very thin long piece, smooth cut, the finer the better.


3, the parsley is washed and cut into small pieces. Take a hot pot, the bottom of the mushroom, the fans put it on, and then put the sauer on the code, into the tofu, the top layer is the mushroom.


4, wok on the fire, under the mushroom, pine mushrooms, the original soup boil, add salt, pepper, peanut oil into the hot pot, stamped. When you are on the table, ignite the charcoal, and add the flavor to the hot pot dish on the same dish.


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