What is the most effective way to lose weight in winter? 10

What is the most effective way to lose weight in winter?

Since the weather has turned cold, people talk to the Nine Girls every day that it is difficult to lose weight...because they are full, they will be fat, if they are not full, they will be cold. What is easy to fat food? No, the following 10 kinds of foods are right for you!

Winter Weight Loss Food No.1 Egg

The first point in changing the diet structure in winter is to eat more protein. Because 30% of the energy contained in the protein will turn out from the body surface, this number is six times higher than the carbohydrate! Eggs are the most affordable source of protein, and each egg contains more than 7g of protein.

It is recommended to eat a boiled egg every day. The calorie is only 70 calories, but it is rich in nutrients and protein. It is stronger than the sweet cakes that are not resistant to freezing and not full. less!

Winter diet food No.2 fish

weight loss can not eat meat? We worked hard to climb to the top of the food chain, not to graze! Moreover, the fish is white meat, rich in omega-3 and protein, not only can lose weight, but also can effectively improve skin inflammation and anti-aging!

Steamed fish can maximize the preservation of nutrients in fish and promote fat burning. It is best to eat some food every day!

Winter diet food No.3Brown rice

If you are in a Chinese restaurant in the US, when you ask the boss to ask for a bowl of rice, you will get one The bowl is light yellow, the taste is a bit rough, but the rice is very elastic! That's right, this is the brown rice that is very popular in the European and American fitness circles. The nickname: "All-round nutritious food"!

If the content of vitamins and cellulose in brown rice is very rich, the vitamins B1 and B2 can completely burn the fat and effectively slim down!

Winter weight loss food No.4 Apple

If you want to lose weight, you must have an apple. The fruit acid contained in apples can effectively burn fat. In addition, the cellulose rich in apples can help you clearIntestines laxative!

winter diet food No.5tomato

Chinese medicine believes that tomato is slightly cold, has thirst, stomach and digestion, cooling blood Pinggan, Qingrejiedu effect. In addition, tomatoes have a high moisture content, so the calories are extremely low, making them ideal for everyday snacks!

Winter Diet Food No.6Cabbage

The dietary fiber content of cabbage is very rich, which can effectively improve constipation and Detoxification, while the cabbage is rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the formation of melanin, help the body to produce collagen, to meet the needs of women's beauty and beauty.

Winter diet food No.7 Kelp

Kelp is a healthy food with high fiber and high iodine, which contains a lot of iodine. Adding enough iodine is the key to speeding up metabolism and eliminating edema.

In addition, the heat contained in kelp is also very low, and cooking with kelp is the ideal healthy weight loss recipe!

Winter diet food No.8Walnut

There is a sister who said that eating cold fruit in winter, then recommend a snack suitable for winter, then It's nuts! Such as walnuts, it is rich in protein and dietary fiber, or a source of omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, eating 5 walnuts a day can help you increase your sense of satiety, not only for weight loss, but also help lower blood fat. It is an ideal snack.

Winter diet food No.9 Yogurt

Yogurt is delicious to help digestion, and regular drink can help you lose weight effectively. Yogurt contains a lot of probiotics and rich calcium, which is an important nutrient for accelerating fat burning.

You may wish to drink more yogurt, but of course, it is better to choose low-fat and low-sugar yogurt!

winter weight loss food No.10 mushroom

mushroom food is rich in vitamin D, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus and other substances, Its slimming charm lies in CalorIt is low, but the nutrition is very high.

The dietary fiber of mushroom promotes intestinal peristalsis and helps detoxification; chitosan is also a good helper for liposuction, which can effectively lower blood sugar level and neutral fat value, and make visceral fat burn fully.

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