Three points to practice seven points to eat

Do not exercise to lose weight, lazy people want to lose weight is not difficult, just looking for a diet recipe to eat can help you effectively lose weight. Do not believe? Come and see the lazy 5th weight loss recipe introduced by Xiaobian for you!

Do not exercise to lose weight

The following weight loss experts will come to recommend a super effective 5-day weight loss menu for you, which is reduced by 13 pounds in 24 days, very relaxed.

Daily eating habits:

1, change the two meals back to three meals, add two meals at the same time, go to bed early and get up early, before 8 o'clock in the morning Have breakfast, around 12 noon, dinner at 5:30-6 pm, go to bed before 11 o'clock. Although I changed from two meals to three meals, this avoids the habit of eating snacks at ordinary times. It is always in a state of not being hungry, and it is better to control the appetite, and there is no reason to eat those who are easy to gain weight. The calories of the other three meals have not increased. The food and calories eaten in the past three meals are averaged and placed in three meals.

2, the food is required to reduce oil, reduce salt, reduce food at dinner, no longer choose any snack before going to sleep, and do not stay up late.

3. Add foods that enhance blood and blood to the menu to alleviate her cold and less menstruation.

4, start the exercise program, in addition to thin thighs, buttocks, buttocks, but also the right amount of running plans.

Five-day meal plan is arranged as follows:

Monday diet menu:

Breakfast: a cup of soy milk, a mixture of cabbage, steamed yam some.

Meals: Some grapes.

Lunch: A bowl of black rice, a little steamed fish, some almonds with spinach.

Meals: a cup of yogurt, half a banana.

Dinner: a steamed sweet potato, a bowl of tomato seaweed egg flower soup, a portion of sesame sauce mixed with wheat.

Tuesday diet menu:

Breakfast: a cup of milk, steamed sweet potato, apple, a few almonds.

Meals: Some grapes.

Lunch: a bowl of rice, some broccoli with garlic, some chicken and leeks.

Meal: PeachOne.

Dinner: a bowl of millet red jujube porridge, a cup of mushroom mixed with cucumber (cucumber shredded, add a little more sesame sauce, some sugar and vinegar, a little salt and MSG mix well), shrimp fried melon some.

Wednesday diet menu:

Breakfast: milk oatmeal, a few nuts, one apple.

Meal: A few red dates, a cup of yogurt.

Lunch: a bowl of red bean rice, some fried beef with onion and some carrots, some cold celery sprouts.

Meal: One orange.

Dinner: a bowl of corn pumpkin porridge, purple cabbage mixed with a bell pepper cucumber, some garlic spinach.

Thursday diet menu:

Breakfast: a bowl of corn pumpkin porridge, one egg, sesame paste mixed with auricular silk cucumber some.

Meal: Some saints, a cup of yogurt.

Lunch: a bowl of brown rice red jujube rice, a broccoli mixed with broccoli, and some fried shrimp and lettuce with papaya.

Meal: One peach.

Dinner: a bowl of yam glutinous rice oatmeal, steamed eggplant one, cold kelp silk dried tofu.

Friday diet menu:

Breakfast: a bowl of yam glutinous rice oatmeal, three quail eggs, some mixed with almonds.

Meal: A cup of Kudingcha (because she has recently got angry, constipation), some autumn dates.

Lunch: a bowl of red bean rice, a bowl of chicken leg soup, and some boiled spinach.

Meal: A few grapes.

Dinner: a cup of milk, a salad of vegetables.

Not only is the calorie reduced, but it is more nutritious and healthier. It is normal to reduce 7 or 8 pounds in the first month, which is better. Therefore, the sisters should continue to work hard. Don't let yourself lose weight because of the weight loss during this time. We must continue to work hard and strive to reduce your ideal weight for three months.

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