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It’s hot in summer, and it’s uncomfortable to eat something slightly greasy! Xiao Bian for everyone to recommend several recipes for clearing the intestines, are the private goods of authoritative Chinese medicine and dietitians, the average person really does not know!

Hawthorn porridge cellulite

National second-level public dietitian Xu Bing: Hawthorn is rich in pectin It can absorb the fat in food and has the effect of reducing fat and clearing the intestine. In addition, Hawthorn is rich in lipase and can promote fat digestion. Moreover, the active ingredients in the hawthorn can also be appetizing and digestion. People who eat more greasy will be disgusting, do not want to eat, eat some hawthorn, have the effect of thirst, relieve greasy, improve appetite.

If you think that eating hawthorn fruit is too sour, consider porridge or juicing. If it is porridge, be careful not to cook too bad, too bad porridge is not conducive to control blood sugar. If you are juicing, remember to drink together with the pomace. Do not add too much white sugar.

Milk porridge nourishing stomach

National second-level public nutritionist Wang Yuqing: Multigrain porridge contains a variety of cereals and beans that have not been finely processed after shelling. Dietary fiber is very rich, can prevent constipation, increase satiety, avoid eating too much, and coarse grains are rich in vitamins and minerals, can nourish the stomach.

The raw materials of miscellaneous porridge generally include: barley, whole wheat, bitter buckwheat, purple glutinous rice, red glutinous rice, black rice, brown rice, buckwheat, glutinous rice, whole grain corn, red bean, black bean, cowpea and so on. It is recommended that the bean category be more than half, and the black rice, purple rice, yellow rice and oats are better cooked, and the taste is better. Avoid adding alkali and excess sugar. When the cereal porridge is cooked quickly, add some fruit diced or seasonal vegetables to make the nutrition better.

Wuren, Mulberry porridge to solve constipation

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Wangjing Hospital spleen and stomach department Liu Yanjun: can be sesame, pine nuts, walnuts, peach kernels (peeled, pointed fried), sweet Each 10 grams of almonds, mixed and crushed, and 200 grams of glutinous rice together to cook a thin porridge, can be added a spoonful of honey when eating, take morning and evening every day, nourish liver and kidney, moistening dry and smooth. You can also take 1000 grams of fresh mulberry, boil 2 times, take 1000 ml of decoction, simmer until thick, add 300 grams of honey, boil and serve, then bottled, 20 ml each time, 2~3 per day Second, it is suitable for habitual constipation caused by qi and blood deficiency.

Qingchang drink bitter gourd bambooBamboo shoot soup

National second grade dietitian, senior food inspector Song Bingbing: Qingchangdao, I like to drink bitter gourd bamboo shoot soup, the practice is also simple. Wash and peel the bamboo shoots first, rub it with water, then wash the bitter gourd, go to the pot, cut into sections. Add appropriate amount of water to the casserole, add ginger and shrimp skin, boil, then add bamboo shoots, cook for another 20 minutes, and finally add bitter gourd and radish to cook for 5 minutes, season with a small amount of seasoning.

Fruit tea is greasy

National second-level public dietitian, member of Beijing Nutritionist Association Wang Jing: Eat too much meat, eat more oil, eat greasy food. Most fruits are rich in organic acids, such as apples, malic acid in pears, kumquats, and citric acid in lemons. These organic acids help digestion and remove greasy meat and oil. Kiwifruit has a high vitamin C content, which can improve the body's antioxidant capacity.

After the meal, you can order some fruit tea. When you make fruit tea, you can put kumquat, apple, pear, kiwi, longan, etc. You can also put some raisins to taste. Fruit tea can also be used instead of wine in the rice room to be more nutritious and healthy.

Eating wheat bran steamed bread

Intermediate clinical nutritionist Huang Libo: Wheat bran is a high-fiber vegetarian material, which can increase the satiety and is very suitable for people with diabetes and weight loss. And usually eat some wheat bran as a staple food, you can regularly clean the intestines.

How to eat wheat bran? My suggestion is to steam the steamed buns and mix the wheat bran and white noodles in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4. The steamed wheat bran has a strong wheat flavor, very chewy, and more comprehensive nutrition. This is the real wheat bran steamed bread, and the wheat bran in the market has less wheat bran ingredients, and some even add a little bit of wheat bran, and then add pigmentation.

In addition to making hoes, when adding bread, add some wheat bran powder, you can also make a balanced diet. When making porridge, add some wheat bran to make wheat bran porridge, fresh and nutritious. In addition, you can use boiled water or meal replacement between meals.

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