How to develop a weight loss plan that suits you?

For some people who are difficult to adhere to, losing weight is always a matter of tomorrow. How can you let the lazy self be active? You need a weight loss plan that suits you. When you have a plan, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment every step of the way. And these senses of accomplishment can drive you to continue to work hard. To develop a weight loss plan that suits you, you need to know the following things.

1. How many times do you have now? How many times should you?

Before making a plan, you must first understand your current level of obesity and define your goal of losing weight. If you are already very obese, then your first priority in losing weight is to make your weight "healthy", that is, to lose weight to the standard weight range. There are many ways to calculate a person's standard weight. Here, Xiaobian recommends the World Health Organization's recommended calculation method: male standard weight = (height cm-80) × 70% female standard weight = (height cm-70) × 60%, standard The weight is plus or minus 10% for normal weight, the standard weight is plus or minus 10% to 20% for overweight or underweight, and the standard weight is more than 20% for obesity or underweight.

In addition to weight, body fat rate can also be used as your weight loss goal. The body fat rate reflects the amount of body fat. Generally speaking, the male body fat rate is about 10-20%, and the female body fat rate is about 17-30%, which is a standard case. However, this standard is not fixed and will vary with age. Women over 50 years old and men over 55 years old, the standard value of body fat percentage can be increased by 2%-3% every 5 years old. The body fat percentage was calculated as follows:

Body fat percentage = 1.2 × BMI + 0.23 × age - 5.4-10.8 × gender (male 1, female 0); BMI = weight (kg) ÷ (height × height) (m)

After knowing your standard weight, you also need to calculate the difference between your current weight and the standard weight, and give yourself a time limit, let yourself within the deadline, try to Approaching the target.

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