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How important is breakfast? Pay attention to the micro signal paireliang. This is not emphasized by the nine girls. Even if you fight to lose weight, you can't eat less breakfast. Don't look at the nine girls, I don't have to cure the late stage of lazy cancer, but I am getting up every day and making breakfast. Come and come, po picture to give everyone a feeling of nine girls' gou (liang).

Nine Girls My cooking is almost negative, and it is a working dog. The breakfast is not so "exquisite", but the nutrition is still enough. Nutrition such as carbohydrates, protein, and dietary cellulose is never “absent”.

If you are like Nine Girls, lazy and want to be nutritious and fat, then you should study how to mix a nutritious breakfast quickly and well.

How to eat a nutritious breakfast? Focus on micro-signal paireliang Expert diet dietitian tells you

1. Nutritional mix is ​​reasonable

Breakfast is to get enough energy and nutrients. Enriched energy can make us energetic and work more efficiently. The body's energy is mainly derived from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Taking the ratio of these three nutrients is the first lesson we need to learn. The Chinese Dietary Guidelines recommend that the energy supply ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates for breakfast is close to 1:0.7:5.

2. More food types

Everyday fried noodles can not satisfy the nutrition of breakfast, eat breakfast "flowers" point, food types should be more, it is best to change frequently Point pattern. Breakfast should include cereals, animal foods (meat, eggs), milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Mainly cereals, supplemented by eggs and milk. Carbohydrates are preferentially taken from coarse foods such as oats, barley, brown rice, beans, and rye.

3. Breakfast is not afraid to eat more

If you are afraid of fat, eat breakfast every day, then you canNo need. Because, after breakfast, we will have a day's work, the heat of the breakfast will be consumed. As for the specific intake of calories, the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the energy intake for adult breakfast is about 700 calories. But everyone is different, and everyone can adjust it according to their own circumstances.

4.Best breakfast time Focus on micro-signal paireliang Expert diet dietitian tells you

In order to save time, many people are I bought breakfast and went to the company to eat. During the time you wake up to eat breakfast, your stomach has endured a long time of hunger. Long-term hunger can lead to excessive gastric acid secretion, affecting gastrointestinal health. It is recommended that breakfast be eaten half an hour after getting up. The time is about 6:30~8:30.

Nutrition breakfast is good?

What do you eat for a nutritious breakfast? The nine girls who only make dog food have limited rights, so I found a "salvation".

Teacher Zhang Yu pays special attention to breakfast nutrition. Nine girls with zero cooking often ask her, she will share it generously. This time, Xiaobian gave everyone some of her daily breakfast recipes.

Recipes one

bread + miscellaneous porridge + walnut + almond + pineapple + boil Egg + leeches broccoli

Recipe II

Hanamaki + Sweet Potato + Soy Milk ( Black Bean, Soybean, Wheat Kernel, Millet, Flax Seed Powder) + Cucumber + Pistachio + Dragon Fruit

Recipe Three

Green onion cake + boiled egg + millet porridge + flax seed powder + roasted sweet potato + cold beans + pistachio + leeches broccoli

Recipe Four

Shantou+Cooled Beans+Sweet potato + red bean oat lotus porridge + flax seed powder + orange

Recipe five focus on micro-signal paireliang weight loss dietitian fitness coach free to teach you scientific weight loss

[ 123]

菜卷+小米枸杞 porridge + salad onion carrot + vegetarian green pepper + green persimmon + apple dry + walnut

[123 ]

Recipe six

cold onion cucumber + boiled bean sprouts + green onion cake + vegetable juice

[ 123]

Recipe seven

Materials: beef, boiled eggs, green vegetables, small seaweed, chopped green onion, green vegetables [ 123] Practice: The rice noodles are soaked in advance, and the green vegetables and boiled rice are boiled together. After boiled, add boiled eggs, chopped green onion, and season with seasoning.

Recipe eight

fried rice (rice, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, eggs, Beef) + seaweed soup (seaweed, tofu, tomato, parsley) + roasted sweet potato + dragon fruit + walnut careful attention should be found, the dietitian often put a kind of food in the breakfast, linen Seed meal. What is the flaxseed powder? Why do dietitians eat it every day? The nutritionist told Nine Girls that the vegetable oils such as soybean oil, corn oil and peanut oil that we eat every day are mainly n-6 fatty acids, and the content of n-3 unsaturated fatty acids is small. This imbalance of nutrient ratio is likely to lead to chronic diseases. The flaxseed powder is rich in n-3 fatty acids that the body needs, just to make up for this deficiency.

Flaxseed powder can lose weight, improve kidney function, help heart health, lower cholesterol, protect eyesight and other effects. It works with milk to supplement a variety of nutrients such as high quality protein, essential fatty acids, calcium and dietary fiber. Adding a spoonful of flaxseed powder to your breakfast can add extra points to your nutrition!

The dietitian's private breakfast recipes have been compiled by Xiaobian. What are you waiting for? starting from tomorrow,Don't let go of the first meal you wake up every day!

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