How do office workers lose weight? Arrange such a recipe

How to lose weight in winter office workers

For office workers, the usual free time is not More, and the winter weather is cold, the exercise becomes more difficult, but if you want to lose weight for a long time, if you want to lose weight, you need a certain amount of exercise in addition to the diet. In the winter, you can do some small sports suitable for indoors.

1, climb the stairs instead of the elevator

climb the stairs to exercise the legs and buttocks, can lift the hips and stovepipe. If your company's floor is not very high, instead of spending time waiting for the elevator, it is better to change the route and walk the stairs.

2, getting up and walking

Being able to sit for a long time is an important cause of obesity in office workers. In order to avoid obesity, you should get up and walk for 40 to 60 minutes, or pour water, or go to the bathroom. When washing the hands in the bathroom, while doing a lame movement while washing your hands, you can effectively stovepipe.

3. Two-thirds of the chair

When sitting down, the whole buttocks are sitting on the chair, and there is more pressure on the buttocks and thighs, which will cause the lymph to be unblocked and affect. blood circulation. The correct sitting position should be only two-thirds of the chair, and the legs are naturally placed. This will avoid office fat buttocks and elephant legs.

4, don't miss breakfast

Many people think that they can lose weight without eating breakfast. In fact, research shows that it is easier to lose weight when eating breakfast every day. If you miss the breakfast, your body has to wait until lunch to start burning calories to speed up the metabolism, which is undoubtedly bad for weight loss. Therefore, the clever way is to eat 300 to 400 calories in the morning and restore the metabolic rate in advance.

5. Preparing some low-calorie snacks in the office

will consume your brain power and consume your physical strength, making you feel hungry easily. Before eating a meal, eat some small snacks or drink some water to enhance the feeling of fullness and avoid eating too much during the meal. Therefore, you can usually bring some low-calorie snacks, such as whole-grain fiber biscuits, fruits, yogurt, etc., to eat when you are hungry.

6, morning or afternoon fitness

The general company starts work at 9 o'clock in the morning, so the office workers who want to exercise may choose to practice in the morning before 9 o'clock. The morning exercise will help refresh the brain and help the brain to work. In addition, it is time to take a break at noon to take a workout in the gym, take a bath and sweat, and work in the afternoon.

Working people's diet recipes


Early: A small bowl of porridge plus a piece Raisin bread;

: a boiled egg, a vegetable salad and a bowl of squid radish tofu soup;

night: a small bowl of mung bean porridge, a taro, a raw gluten And a raw cucumber.


Early: a cup of oolong tea plus one kiwi;

: a burnt bamboo shoot, a cold broccoli and a boiled egg;

[ 123] Night: A small portion of beef and a bowl of cold kelp.


Early: A small bowl of rice porridge, a piece of wholemeal bread and an orange;

: a dish of beef, a vegetable salad and a raw Tomatoes;

night: a small bowl of polenta, a taro, a roast asparagus and a raw cucumber.


Early: a cup of coffee plus an apple;

: a small portion of chicken, a roast of carrots and cold celery;

night : A small bowl of cereal with an orange.


Early: A small bowl of porridge with an orange;

: a boiled egg, a sea-boiled fish and mushroom stir-fried vegetables;

[ 123] Night: A small bowl of sweet potato porridge, a salad of spinach and a moderate amount of biscuits.


Early: A cup of green tea plus an apple;

: A carrot, a celery fried pork liver, a boiled egg and a bowl of tomato soup ;

night: a small bowl of mung bean porridge, a garlic mixed with kelp, a taro and a raw cucumber.


Early: A cup of coffee plus an apple

: a small bowl of rice, a fried potato green pepper, a raw cucumber and a bowl of seaweed soup;

night: the right amount of shrimp, a piece of tofu, a Serve with raw onions and a portion of celery buds.

The best time for office workers to lose weight

The best time to lose weight


At different times, people's metabolic abilities are different, which makes eating at different times will produce different weight loss effects. According to a recent report by the British "Daily Mail", a dieting company in the UK surveyed 1,000 people who lost weight and learned how long they were eating three meals. The results showed that breakfast should be eaten after 7 am, lunch between 12:30 and 13:00, and dinner between 18 and 18:30. The best three meals are breakfast at 7:11 am, lunch at 12:38, dinner at 18:14. In general, people have better metabolic capacity in the morning, when eating food can be fully consumed. In the evening, people's physical activity is reduced, and the amount of calories consumed is also reduced. Dinner should not be eaten too much, and it should not be arranged too late.

The best time to lose weight in sports

There is no time limit for sports. From the perspective of preventing sports injuries, it is best to choose afternoon or evening sports. In the afternoon, you are less likely to get hurt. Because the body temperature in the afternoon is higher than that in the morning, the muscles and joints are more flexible, and the physical indicators of the human peaks, such as heartbeat, blood pressure regulation, etc., the peak of human oxygen intake is also in the evening, in addition, the hormones and enzymes in the body are regulated in the evening. At the best time, people's various feelings such as sight, touch and smell are at their peak, so exercise is more healthy. Therefore, the winter can be arranged between 3 pm and 6 pm in the afternoon and 4 pm to 7 pm in the summer.

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