What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables that should be e

What to eat in the fall


Autumn is the season when a lot of fresh apples are on the market. The effect of apple weight loss is definitely no stranger to Apple. The malic acid contained in the body can reduce the body's absorption of fat, and the apple is rich in cellulose and has a low calorie, which can promote the body's metabolism.



The tomato tastes sour and sweet, very popular, And tomato is rich in water, low in calories, and rich in cellulose. It is a recognized weight-loss fruit. The lycopene contained in tomato can help reduce calorie intake and help reduce the accumulation of fat, even if it is eaten more. Will not gain weight.


The calorie and carbohydrate content of pumpkin are relatively low, and the fructose contained in South China is sweet and It is a healthy sugar that is easy to be digested. The rich dietary fiber contained in the pumpkin can increase satiety and help toxins from the body, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

Winter melon

Winter melon is also recognized as one of the best weight loss foods. Winter melon itself contains almost no fat and calories are very low, and often eating melon can also help prevent starch and sugar in food. The class is converted into fat, and the melon has the effect of diuretic swelling, which is very beneficial for edema type obesity.

White radish

White radish has low calorie, low fat content and rich dietary fiber, which can promote digestion and reduce subcutaneous fat. Stacked, and white radish is also rich in nutrients, raw radish can not only retain the nutrients to the greatest extent, but also the best weight loss.

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