How to eat the most coarse grains?

How to eat whole grains to lose weight?

First of all, positive, eating more coarse grains is a good thing! The coarse grains we are talking about here mainly include:

1: cereals (corn, millet, red rice, black rice, purple rice, sorghum, barley, oats, buckwheat, buckwheat, etc.)

[123 ] 2: Miscellaneous beans (soybeans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, broad beans, peas, etc.)

3: Tubers (sweet potato, yam, potato, etc.)

So before about carbohydrates We also said that the grains and tubers in the coarse grains are mainly supplemented with carbohydrates, so they can be used as substitutes for rice and noodles. The best way to supplement is that half of the staple food is fine grain and the other half is coarse grain.

and miscellaneous beans can supplement protein. If you don't eat meat for a long time because of weight loss, you should eat more beans.

How to eat the most weight loss of coarse grains

1, coarse grains do not have to be done

Many times I heard that coarse grains are fine, but if you want to lose weight, There is no need to elaborate, the more refined the grain processing, the more the loss of vitamins, protein and cellulose. Although the dietary fiber in the coarse grain can not be digested and utilized by the human body, it can clear the intestines and qi, promote the discharge of food residues, and eat coarse grains. It is delicious, healthy and slim.

2, drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water. After eating coarse grains, you need a lot of water to break down, because it is more difficult to digest, generally you need to eat more than 1 times of cellulose. Drinking 1 times of water can ensure the normal operation of the intestines.

3, step by step eating

Do not suddenly increase or reduce the consumption of coarse grains, will cause intestinal discomfort, for people who mainly eat meat on weekdays, for the intestines can Adapt as soon as possible, when increasing the intake of coarse grains, it is necessary to proceed step by step, and should not be too hasty.

4, Yishunsu with coarse grains

Eating whole grains does not mean eating only coarse grains. In addition to taking into account the taste and taste, you should also consider the combination of vegetarian diet and balanced diet. Make appropriate adjustments to your personal situation.

5Choosing the best health and weight loss time

Dietary fiber is rich in coarse grains, although it can promote gastrointestinal motility, but it is not suitable for digestion. If you eat coarse grains alone, the best time to eat is noon, because 1 to 3 pm is the small intestine. At the time of action, the stomach is well digested, the gastrointestinal absorption is faster, and the energy needed for the day can be supplemented to avoid eating more food at night;

If the coarse grain is mixed with the fine porridge, the breakfast Or you can eat it at dinner, which can effectively promote detoxification of the body. Among them, the coarse grains mixed with other fine grains are best eaten at dinner. Because the human body can better use the dietary fiber in the coarse grains to eliminate the garbage in the body and lower blood fat.

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