Water can be a helper for people to lose weight, so learn to

Will the water drink more will not gain weight

Generally speaking, drinking water will not lead to gaining weight, because the water is not calorie, but the water must be correct. Drinking and time, if you drink too much water or drink water before going to bed, it will easily lead to insufficient metabolism of water and edema, but this is not what we usually gain.

There is no heat in the water, and drinking water will not gain weight. There are only two reasons for drinking water: you drink water with calories, such as low-sugar drinks. Or your kidneys and other organs related to water metabolism may have problems: for example, the liver is not good, the heart is bad, or the kidneys are sick, so you may get fat because you drink too much water. But this fat is the retention of water rather than the increase of fat, as long as the disease is improved or the diuretic is used briefly. Friends who want to lose weight still need to drink more water, don't be misled by this concept and not drink water.

Most women are edema-like legs. As soon as the evening leg begins to swell, it is not tired but has an inexplicable soreness. There will be a white mark on the leg and it will be difficult to restore the original appearance. Sisters who have this situation should pay attention! Actually edema type Obesity is mainly caused by your previous mistakes in drinking water. Drink only when you are thirsty, or drink a functional drink, or drink it in time, these bad habits are the cause of your current body swelling. Therefore, we must develop the following good drinking habits in order to stay away from edema and stay away from dryness.

What is the reason for drinking water?

In theory, drinking water will not gain weight, if you belong to the type of drinking water, then it is very It may be because the body's metabolism has problems. The main reasons for drinking water are as follows:

1, diet structure is different

[123 Some people eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, but the calories are not necessarily high, because these foods are relatively low in calories; some people eat very little, you ask her what to eat? Cakes, pizza, ice cream... The heat is naturally low. The diet and structure are different, and the nutrients and calories provided to the body are different. For example, the same weight of cake and taro, the heat of the cake is 馒1.5 times the head. In addition, cooking methods also affect the process of fattening. In general, the same weight of vegetables, the heat after cooking with oil is much higher than boiling water, the heat of this dish will increase by about 10 times.

2, basal metabolism is low

basal metabolism refers to the minimum energy needs of all organs that the human body sustains since birth. If the basal metabolism is low, it will be difficult to slim down. The reason for the low basal metabolism, hypothermia, nutritional imbalance and age are the main reasons.

3, different physical constitution

have to admit that the human body is really affected by parental genetic factors. The lean person is inherited by the parents or gets a reasonable diet and nutrition from a young age. The body has a higher level of energy metabolism and the body consumes more energy. A lot of actual situations show that people who have exercised a lot from a small body have high muscle content, high basal metabolism, and consume more energy. People with a high basal metabolic rate will help them consume more calories even if they are not lying in bed. Exercise can help improve basal metabolic rate and regulate physical fitness.

How to drink water can lose weight

1, half a hour before each meal, Let the water be fully absorbed to form gastric juice, so that the stomach is ready to digest food. This can not only control the amount of food intake, but also prevent bloating, heartburn, enteritis and constipation;

2, drink 250-400 ml of water two hours after a meal, which can promote the secretion of satiety hormone Enhance intestinal digestive function, and also prevent false hunger caused by lack of water;

3, people who are prone to edema avoid drinking water for four hours before going to bed, and go to the hospital to check whether there is any problem with kidney function. . Get up a cup of honey warm water or light salt water to supplement the evaporation of water during sleep, wake up the body function, help the liver and kidney detoxification;

4, simply drink water can not lose weight, guarantee eight hours of sleep every day, Eat less at dinner, exercise properly, insist on running early, walking, dancing, skipping, and hula hoops. Insist on eating green vegetables every day, eat less greasy food;

5, suggest that most of the water is consumed during the day, is the amount of activity during the day, the body metabolism is also good,The water that is drunk is easily metabolized and is not easily retained in the body. Of course, another reason is about the quality of sleep. You don't want to drink more water at night, and then you often get up and pee in the middle of the night!

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