Slimming soup How to do 7-day slimming soup?

The seven-day slimming soup is actually cooked with a variety of high-fiber vegetables, the cellulose inside can effectively break down fat and dissolve Toxins, used to replace meals can quickly lose weight in the short term.

1, peeled onion, rinsed with water, cut into angular shape

2, green pepper washed with water, cut into small pieces, remove seeds.

3, celery washed with water, cut into oblique sections.

4, the tomato is washed with water and cut into small pieces.

5, put the above 5 kinds of vegetables into the big pot, fill with water, roll, slowly simmer for about 3 hours, the remaining soup can be, the soup can be thick or light, you can use salt to make you like The taste, but can't be put into any oil.

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