What to drink in addition to drinking water during weight lo

Coffee! For many fitness partners, it is very beneficial, moderate amount of coffee, can improve your weight loss efficiency.

Caffeine in coffee, which promotes the decomposition of fat, releases fat in the blood. After drinking coffee for 30-40 minutes, the concentration of fatty acids in the blood will become higher. Fatty acid is converted into heat energy, which effectively burns fat, especially black coffee is a slimming product.

coffee weight loss

1, caffeine can accelerate the decomposition of fat

coffee in After absorption by the body, it can accelerate the decomposition of fat, thereby increasing the content of fatty acids in the blood. Once the concentration of fatty acids in the blood increases, the fatty acids are absorbed by the muscles through the blood vessels and are consumed as energy.

2, coffee-stimulated colon movement

Scientists have shown that only a few minutes after drinking coffee, humans The movement of the large intestine will be significantly strengthened than usual, which is conducive to the role of drainage. Therefore, scientists believe that coffee is a more rapid and mild laxative for coarser fibrous foods and is more pronounced in women.

3, the role of caffeine in diuretic

caffeine diuretic effect, to a certain extent Increase urine output and discharge excess water in time.

How to drink coffee during weight loss

The right time

Ingestion of coffee before training Trained athletes consumed 15% more calories than those who took placebo within 3 hours of exercise.

Reasonable amount

Do not drink more than 4 drops of ground coffee (such as American coffee, latte, cappuccino) daily to prevent mild poisoning. If you have irritability, anxiety, irritability, palpitations, nausea and other symptoms after drinking coffee, it is best not to drink cola, tea, etc. on the same day.Cain's drink.

The correct time

is consumed after a meal, because the secretion of gastric juice will increase, so it is helpful for digestion. Drinking coffee in the morning does help to keep your mind clear and refreshed, but you must drink breakfast before you can drink it. Otherwise, it will easily damage your stomach function. People with stomach and 12-lipid gastrointestinal ulcers should especially avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

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