What are the detoxifying beauty teas? Detoxifying Beauty Tea

1, brown sugar ginger tea, detoxification and beauty, say goodbye to physiological pain

Cooking tea during the physiological period can make the menstrual blood discharge of the girls in the physiological period relatively clean and smooth, reducing the pain and uncomfortable swelling, which is the maintenance of the female physiological period. Girls generally have physical pain problems, brown sugar ginger tea is really effective! However, the ginger used in brown sugar ginger tea is best ginger. Don't add too much brown sugar. Just add two to three teaspoons of brown sugar and cook for twenty minutes.

2,Sage grass Rose juniper tea, drainage swelling, detoxification and beauty

This is my special fascination A kind of tea is made from herbs. The sage has a detoxifying effect, while juniper and rose can be swelled. When you drink, you can add a little rock sugar. You can drink tea and nourish your body. Since I started drinking tea, the edema has improved a lot.

3, Pu'er Chrysanthemum tea, detoxifying and nourishing, suitable for all kinds of physique

Puju is also Pu'er chrysanthemum tea . Pu'er tea has no caffeine, so you don't need to be afraid of drinking tea, you can't sleep, and because Pu'er property is hot, so you can balance it with chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is the best for Hangju, detoxification and beauty, suitable for people of all physiques. drink.

4,枸杞Chrysanthemum tea, summer detoxification and the best tea

red dates can nourish the blood, detoxification and beauty It is a good health product for girls. Using denuclear red dates to stew soup tea will be more moist.

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