What happens to a can of cola?

The main ingredients of Coca-Cola: sugar, sugar, sugar. It can also be used to wash the toilet when forced. But what impact Coca-Cola has on the body has always been a mystery.

Excessive intake of sugar, unstable blood sugar, loss of some nutrients and moisture, changes in mood, a bottle of 330mL small drink It has caused so many changes in the human body, it is really scaring the baby!

Fructose in cola will enter the bloodstream directly, causing blood sugar to rise, stimulating insulin to release in large quantities frequently, promoting fat synthesis and eventually leading to obesity. At the same time, after the fructose enters the human body, it does not transmit the full information to the brain. This explains why people can drink several bottles of cola continuously and eat a lot of food containing fructose. In addition, some fruits also have fructose, but the fiber in the fruit can prevent the body from taking too much fructose.

Coke also contains certain salts and caffeine, which may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity And other diseases. A Harvard study showed that drinking a can of sugary carbonated drink a day increases the risk of heart disease by 20%. However, in terms of the link between carbonated drinks and heart disease, scientists have analyzed the data of 43,000 men and concluded that proper consumption is not harmful to humans.

From the time when a person can drink a can of Coca-Cola, within 60 minutes, Coke will have a series of reactions in the human body. Here's a vivid description of Niraj Naik:

10 minutes: 10 spoons of sugar poured into your body (this is equivalent to 100% of the recommended daily intake). This dose should have made you sick and vomiting, but the phosphoric acid in the drink blocks this feeling.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar rocket soars. In order to turn too high blood sugar into fat, your pancreas will start to be busy and full of insulin.

40 minutes: Caffeine is absorbed almost, your pupils start to enlarge, your blood pressure rises, and the liver pumps more sugar into the plasma. Your adenosine receptor in your brain blocks the true feelings of your bodyLet you lose your fatigue.

45 minutes: Increased body release of dopamine, which doubles your pleasure and increases dependence on beverages. This kind of physical nerve reaction and the absorption of heroin are the same.

60 minutes: high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners accelerate the excretion of calcium in the urine, and the diuretic effect of caffeine also appears. Phosphorus in the small intestine combines with calcium, magnesium and zinc to accelerate your metabolism. Calcium, magnesium and zinc, which can accumulate in the bones, will be lost from your body, while sodium, electrolytes and water are lost. Your body drains all the water from the previously carbonated drinks. At the same time, the nutrients and minerals that are used to build your cells, bones, and teeth are dissolved in the water.

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