Honey weight loss method

What is the principle of honey weight loss?

contains excellent bactericidal effect and detoxification effect in honey, it can let the waste left in the body excrete, so that the metabolic function of the whole body is improved, so that those who are not well consumed The excess fat accumulated in the body is burned as energy. If honey's sugar can be transported from the stomach to the blood, it can turn into energy and quickly eliminate fatigue. As the blood sugar level rises, the feeling of satiety disappears.

Every morning, lunch, and dinner are replaced by honey water or honey tea. You can't eat or drink anything else. During weight loss, you can eat 150-200g of honey a day, at least 150g of weight to lose weight; if you feel hungry or tired, you can directly eat honey or honey water, you can instantly replenish your body's nutrients and restore your spirit.

1,PapayaHoney water

Papaya is sweet, flat and slightly cold, function helps digestion, spleen and stomach Run lungs, cough, and quench your thirst. Honey is able to heat, cooked is warm, can make up, sweet and calm, detoxification and slimming; soft and sturdy, can moisten dry. Shu tend to get wet and moisturize the five internal organs.

2, honey apple porridge

Because the amino acid composition of rice is relatively complete, the protein is mainly rice sperm protein It is easy to digest and absorb. In fact, there is not much fat. It can be used as a diet for weight loss. It is wrong for many women to lose weight without eating rice.

3, honey 羹

honey 100 ml, put the bowl steamed. 3 times a day, eat on an empty stomach. Suitable for patients with stomach and duodenal ulcer. △ honey milk drink: honey 50 ml, milk 50 ml, black sesame 25 g. The black sesame seeds are smashed, blended with honey and milk, and the air is warmed in the morning. Suitable for postpartum blood deficiency. Intestinal dry constipation.

4. Honey Mint Tea

Mint taste cool, mainly contains volatile oil, oil in the mainThe ingredients are menthol, menthol, menthone, menthol, benzyl, limonene, etc., which have the effect of dispelling heat and dispelling phlegm and detoxification. Mint tea can stimulate the movement of food in the digestive tract and help digestion, especially for stomach upset or after eating too much greasy food.

People who have tried honey diet have felt that people are light, their spirits are good, their edema is also obviously improved; and their appetite is fine, eating honey diet, not feeling hungry, keeping food Lists and easily digestible foods will have unexpected surprises.

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