Yogurt weight loss recipes are delicious

I have always heard that yogurt is better than milk, not only tastes delicious, but also has the effect of slimming and beauty, for the intestines, about yogurt The argument that many MMs are just hearsay, did not try to personally try. Since the yogurt diet recipe is so good, then you haven't had time to use the MM for yogurt diet. You can try it later today. Xiaobian has summarized some methods for yoghurt to lose weight. Come and make up the yogurt weight loss knowledge in advance!

First, the rationality of yoghurt weight loss

yoghurt is rich in lactobacilli and lactic acid, for indigestion, intestinal flora imbalance, intestinal abnormal fermentation, flatulence It is effective for people with digestive dysfunction such as baby green stools. In addition, from the perspective of homology of medicine and food, yogurt can be comparable to milk enzymes. Yogurt is a kind of dairy product fermented by lactic acid bacteria. It contains lactic acid bacteria which are beneficial to the human body. It has a very smooth taste and has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol. Because the alkali content in yogurt is particularly high, it can regulate the lowering of cholesterol in the body. It inhibits the production of cholesterol in the liver, and it also has the effect of moistening the intestines to treat constipation. Therefore, it has the effect of slimming and slimming.

Second, yoghurt diet to eat

three meals a day to eat


get up early every morning to drink first Drink a glass of boiled water, drink a glass of honey, then drink a cup of yogurt (100-250 ml) with wholemeal bread or oatmeal.


You can drink a bowl of soup and eat a little rice. Then drink a cup of yogurt (100-250 ml). Eat 100 grams of high-protein meat, such as chicken, beef and mutton, fish, internal organs, and blood. Add iron. And a plate of vegetables or small tomatoes, big tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Drink two cups of oolong tea after the meal to help digestion.

The first day: cucumber + yogurt

cucumber and yogurt are well-known beauty diet foods, have a good slimming effect. But their calories are very low, so on the first day, cucumber and yoghurt are available all day long, and they are hungry. Also pay attention to drink plenty of water.

The next day: Apple + Yogurt

with apples and yogurtMeal replacement, if you want to drink juice, you can also use apple juice, then add yogurt for meal replacement.

Day 7: Green Tea Powder + Yogurt

One week's weight loss plan is on the last day. Although it is very hungry and still weak, it must be bitten and stick to the end. You can use 10 grams of green tea powder and add it to 200 grams of yogurt. Green tea powder yogurt can promote detoxification, treat constipation, and also eliminate acne and radiation.

The recipe for yoghurt meal replacement is very low. Pay attention to whether you choose this method according to your own physical condition, and you can't use it for a long time. Because long-term yoghurt meal replacement, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia.

Third, other eating methods

1. Apple yogurt milk

Materials: 2 apples, 10 ml of honey, 1 wrist of yogurt, water amount.

Practice: Wash the apples, cut into pieces and cook until softly cooked, remove them; hold in a plate, add 5 ml of honey to stir; add 5 ml of honey to the yogurt, then pour the yogurt Just fine.

Efficacy: Prevent constipation, help eliminate edema, and beautify the leg lines.

3. Star favorite juice - essence milk juice

Materials: 1 fragrance, half apple, half a cup of lactic acid bacteria drink, mineral water amount.

Practice: peel the banana into small pieces; wash the apples to the core, and cut the pieces with skin; put the bananas and apples into the juice machine, add the lactic acid bacteria and the right amount of mineral water.

Efficacy: moisturizes and moisturizes skin, slimming beauty.

IV. Precautions for yogurt to lose weight

1. Yogurt is best stored in an environment of 0 ° C - 7 ° C, can not be heated, above this temperature, the probiotics in the yogurt will die quickly, this time yogurt is useless, after the yogurt is opened, must drink within 2 hours Drop, otherwise the nutritional value will be greatly reduced.

2. Do not drink yogurt on an empty stomach, otherwise the effect will be halved. It is best to eat some things to cushion the stomach. Of course, honey water is the best choice. In addition, you can not drink some drugs together, such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics. The substances in such drugs, such as sulfonamides, kill the probiotics in the yogurt, and you also do nothing..

3. The best homemade fruit yoghurt, the fruit yoghurt on the market, is processed through multiple processes and is not particularly natural.

4. To control the amount, not the more you drink, the better, the amount should be moderate, experts pointed out that especially the health food identity of yogurt, but also to control the amount. The suitable population indicated by Mengniu Guanyi Milk is “intestinal dysfunction, low immunity”, and the dosage is “two times a day, one cup each time”

5. Suitable for the crowd: regular drinkers, smoking, computer operators.

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